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Our next show is Legally Blonde - The Musical!


Elle Woods appears to have it all.  However, when her boyfriend, Warner, unexpectedly dumps her, her life life is turned upside down.


Determined to get him back, Elle follows him to Harvard Law.  Whilst there, she struggles with her peers, the professor and Warner!  She gets to know fellow student, Emmett, and meets a hairdresser called Paulette, and with their help Elle quickly realises that she has a lot of potential.  Elle sets out to prove herself to the world!




Director - John Morrison

Musical Director - Chris Corcoran

Choreographer - Sadie Turner


Elle Woods - Chloe Turner

Sarena - Sophie Woods

Margot - Natalie Buzzard

Pilar - Siobhan Ganley

Kate - Verity Smith

Greek Chorus - Helen Gauntlet, Lisa Colvin-Grieve, Sarah Sheppard, Bronwen Collins-Jones

Paulette Bonafonte - Rhian Heeley

Vivienne Kensington - Lily Moore

Brooke Wyndham - Claire Brough

Enid Hoops - Karen Lane

Chutney Wyndham - Sarah Debono

Elle's Mom - Jill Hughes

Leilana - Lisa Colvin-Grieve

Judge - Rachel Fox

Stanographer - Michelle Orton

DA Joyce Riley - Rebecca Lowe

Sales Girl - Teresa Fittro

Sales Manager - Yvonne Snowe

Whitney - Rebecca Lowe

Emmett Forrest - David Page

Warner Huntington III - Peter Holmes

Professor Callahan - Phil Snowe

Kyle B O'Boyle - Adam Heeley

Sandeep Padamadan - Phil Holloway

Aaron Schultz - Chris Britt

Elle's Dad - Greg Boughton

Dewey - Kris Evans

Grand Master Chad - Lewis Doley

Winthrop - Jonathan Eastwood

Pforzheimer - Adam Slack

Lowell - Jonny Stoker

TV Reporter - John Clay